LIFE4 M&W Earned Rank Personalized Athletic Shirt (Option 2)

$37.95 USD

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NOTE: International shipping is still delayed to some extent, and shirt order times are likely to still be delayed more than normal.

NOTE2: Pearl and Onyx shirts ARE available for purchase, the graphic is just not updated.

LIFE4 Men’s and Women's Earned Rank Personalized Athletic Shirt (Option 2)
Made from a breathable polyester mesh.

Available in both Men's AND Women's styles.

Show off your rank with a personalized shirt for your name and rank!

To order a personalized shirt, you must be ranked in the LIFE4 system. You can only order a rank as high as you are currently placed (ex. If you are Gold III, you cannot order Diamond or higher).

Personalized name on the back! Add your desired username and subtitle below (optional).
Username Line – 14 character limit.
Subtitle Line (optional) - 20 character limit.

After purchasing please contact us via email at [email protected] with the following details:
-Name the order is under
-Men's or Women's shirt type
-LIFE4 Ranking System username
-Rank requested
-Username requested
-Subtitle requested (optional)

Shirts are custom ordered and manufactured on an individual basis and will ship ~4-6 weeks after ordering.

Ranks Available:
Available in:
S/M/L/XL/XXL/3XL/4XL ($2 extra per XL increment)